My personal selection of furniture for an evolving home!

  • 19th October 2020
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The Coronavirus crisis has hugely impacted our daily lives! We spend a lot more time at home and haven’t we all, to a certain extent, thought of redesigning some areas ☺

Here are some of the latest creations I particularly love, that undoubtedly fit in with our new lifestyles.

Coffee tables really work well with arranged videoconference calls or an impromptu dinner:

  • A superb coffee table, entirely made of oak and MDF, designed by Sophie Gelinet & Cédric Gepner for Studio HAOS.
  • image
  • ‘Prieto’ designed by the duo Jean-Paul Mendiburu & Benoît Bousquet; created as a limited edition for Maentler Studio, it mixes marble, oak, and a reflective sphere, giving a guaranteed visual effect!
  • image

In the same way, stools have become our best friends! Indeed, we use them to put down our laptop, cup of tea and all sorts of frequently used items ☺

  • The ‘Venus’ side tables will certainly add personality to your living room; their clever shape, made of oak with a glass- plateau on top, was designed by Sam Baron for Pierre Frey.
  • image
  • -If you are looking for a totally quirky look, then the ‘Swirl’ collection designed by Tom Dixon, in granular marble with resin pigments, is the one for you!!
  • image
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