Kenza Serhane

Kenza Serhane

I built up a concept store ‘Art & Manière’ - specialized in table art and decoration objects - from scratch that I managed for 10 years.

As I was always into design, I decided to sell my two stores and to settle in Paris – the place of the world for me, where we find the most beautiful things – to study interior design at the Ateliers Grégoire. When I came back in Morocco, I founded my interior design agency Studio KS. Then, I spent several years designing interiors for residential clients.

Curious soul in love with the world, I was always seeking for beauty and design during my trips. Travel is empowering and providing us an incredible opportunity to discover inspiring places. In 2018, I realized that traveling the world capturing those moments has become a true passion that allows me to create a visual and design content to inspire others to explore our wonderful planet ; and to share these treasures found in whether a hotel lobby or a design event. So I decided to launch my professional IG account @kenzaserhane and the blog you see today.

Today, while keeping running my interior design agency, I work as a multidisciplinary creative consultant. My other creative passion is collaborating as a luxury hotel connoisseur with a refined and educated eye for designs, art and accessories.

About your blog ?

Being moroccan in love with colours and patterns and trained as a french interior designer, my interests have directed towards contemporary, urban modern, eclectic and art deco interior design styles.

I’m trying to curate moments of beauty and magic while thoughtfully selecting products, furniture, art, designs and destinations.

My blog features design finds, design weeks, art events, new products, trends, design hotels all around the world and a bit of my lifestyle.

I actually aim to help inspire, sharing my thoughts and styling ; and constantly drawing inspiration to help you create within your home spaces telling your unique story and experiences.

Favorite colour? Pink
Favorite texture? Velvet
Favorite smell? Tea tree
Favorite place? Central Park
Favorite monument? Cheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dahbi
Favorite furniture in your house? The red Bocca sofa designed by Salvador Dali in 1936 which is a 70’s design icon.
Favorite city? New York
Favorite thing in your wardrobe? My pink B25 bag
Mantras ? ‘Kindness is a superpower. Make it yours’. ‘Force nothing. Allow life to unfold. Trust that everything happens for the best’.
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