The 58th Edition of the Venice Contemporary Art Biennale

  • 22nd May 2019
  • Design + Art
  • Exhibition

The 2019 Edition of the Venice Art Biennale has promised this year, to immerse itself in the present time, however worrying this may sound, inviting worldwide artists ready to break away from tradition. Therefore the chosen theme for this event is: “May you live in interesting times”.

Let me share some of the elements that caught my attention:

  • The Mexican Teresea Margolles presented a wall covered in barbed wire, made of concrete blocks taken from a school. On it, we can see the bullet holes marking the place where 4 people died.
  • image
  • The Swiss artist Christoph Buchel has chosen to present a ‘silent’ piece showing a trawler that sank in the Mediterranean in 2015, killing more than 700 migrants who were trying to reach Europe.
  • image
  • This year, the Abbey of San Gregorio, where big names such as John Ruskin or Andy Warhol have been guests, has housed the Colnaghi & Chahan Galleries, in its sumptuous and medieval surroundings.
  • The exhibition invites you into a modern world collector’s universe, presenting master pieces as well as vintage and contemporary furniture. Amazement is guaranteed!
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