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  • 16th March 2022
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The Resort

It is at the swanky St Regis Downtown hotel that I spent the second part of my delightful visit to Dubai, a town which surprises me every time!

Dreamy location

Renowned worldwide for being the place where elegant classic styles and modern vibes mix, the St Regis Downtown is a sophisticated address in the heart of the modern financial quarter of Dubai.

The building overlooks the beautiful Dubai Water Canal and is only minutes away from the biggest Mall in the world, the Dubai Mall.

In this article, I will tell you about my most pleasant moments spent here, which actually reminded me of the memorable times I had at the sumptuous St Regis Langkawi in Malaysia, before the pandemic.

The fabulous Lobby

On arrival, you are in awe of the superb lobby and its seating area, crowned by the sculptural chandelier, which is, in my opinion, the masterpiece here! It resembles a golden necklace, harkening back to the legendary Gold Souk (the market for gold); I couldn’t help but immortalising this little gem of design ☺

Photo 9290

Intimate still, the lobby is where you will find the help you need, should you be looking for valet parking, transport, butler service, and where you are invited to admire a superb art collection, including some contemporary pieces. This reminded me of the incredible collection at the St Regis Langkawi, which left a strong impression on me, with its no less than 584 pieces!

Photos 1414 et 1383

Gorgeous interior design highlights

We should note that Dubai’s extraordinary stories and legacies have been very cleverly represented in the building’s design. Being located along the most important canal of the town, which used to be the supply route to Dubai historical souks (markets), the St Regis Downtown immerses you in Dubai culture, while reinterpreting it with subtle and modern design in the different areas of the hotel. One can note the reference made to the Emiratis’ passion for horse riding, with the accessories and details made of leather and bronze. They have also always been partial to water activities, such as fishing, traditional ‘dhow’ boat races and diving for pearls. The building offers numerous view points on the canal and you can admire the ongoing parade of yachts and super yachts all day long!

Photo 1381

Like many other clients of the hotel, I took great pleasure in just walking around the building. I had a crush on the Library which is entirely open to the outside with superb views of the canal and the Dubai Skyline. The elegant space offers many comfortable seating options allowing its clients, as well as the visitors to the St Regis Downtown, to admire the view while enjoying a light meal or a drink. I made the most of a sunny afternoon to relish in a ceremonial Afternoon Tea, a St Regis Hotels signature special ☺

Photos 9430Photos 1503 et 1585

5 Star Resort Dining

The St Regis Downtown offers many culinary experiences in the most exceptional surroundings. Let’s start with the BASTA restaurant, a little piece of Italy in Dubai where you can savour fine Italian cuisine throughout the day. They have an outside terrace overlooking the canal, and this is where I enjoyed many lengthy and delicious breakfasts as you can see from this photo ☺

Photo 1497

Now let’s go to Bleu Blanc, which was my favourite restaurant at the St Regis Downtown! You are immediately transported to the Mediterranean Sea as you enter the restaurant, with the subtle shades of blue and white and awe-inspiring chandelier to set the tone! This spacious restaurant, designed mostly with a majority of wooden and organic features, feels warm and welcoming; a real Mediterranean vibe with a wide range of succulent grilled meats on offer!

Photos 7557Photos 1595 – 1596Photos 1611 - 1617

On the other hand, the St Regis Bar offers a cosier atmosphere, ideal for sipping on cocktails, including their take on the iconic Bloody Mary, which you can find in all the St Regis hotels around the world. Let’s not forget to mention the design: a superb mirrored ceiling gives the place a chic and plush atmosphere!

Finally, the pool Bar is a pleasant spot to enjoy the sun, a light lunch and relax. The pool is situated high enough to offer superb views on the Dubai Water canal and skyline, and I made the most of it for a few hours in the morning after my arrival, before business meetings started ☺

Photos 1510 et 1513

Urban chic accommodations

The St Regis Downtown has 233 bedrooms and 65 suites with timeless design and superb views of the canal or the Burj Khalifa. It was in one of the beautiful and spacious bedrooms situated on the 21st floor that I stayed, and it was the amazing panoramic view that I immediately noticed as I entered the bedroom.

Photos 1358 – 1359 et 1361

It was even more spectacular at night with the light extravaganza and the constant procession of the boats on the canal.

Photo 1356

The arrangement of the room immediately inspires feelings of comfort; the entrance hall leads first to a dressing room and a generously sized bathroom area, through which you walk to the bedroom. Facing the bay window you will find an elegant sofa, covered in a blue velvet throw inviting you to lounge about, and believe me, making it very difficult to leave, especially in the evenings ☺

photo 1366

The subtle colour palette and the chic materials and fabrics impart an atmosphere that is both contemporary and elegant. As I am understandably very sensitive to the details of design, I was drawn to the beautiful embossed sculpture that hung above the bed, which I loved, as well as the console table top made of solid wood. I must give special mention to the backlight around the bed, and the bedroom lighting made of pretty suspension and standing lights, carefully placed around the room.

Photos 1352 - 1353

The Spa

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use the St Regis Downtown’s Spa (next time for sure ☺). It has 6 treatment rooms and offers personalised treatments carried out by expert therapists. In addition, each treatment is followed by a moment of relaxing, perfect opportunity to taste a selection of detox juices, teas and other.

To finish…

I would like to add that my visit to the St Regis Downtown was simply perfect! I must say that I feel so good in any of their hotels, that it is always with regret that I must leave! They are unquestionably ‘not a place to stay, but a place to be’!

I must thank all the members of the team who were so caring; my butler Atif for his reliability, ChrisJean in reception for her professionalism, and the adorable Caroline in the concierge team, without whom, a lot of bookings would not have been possible ☺

I would recommend the St Regis Downtown to anyone looking for a sophisticated place to stay, in the centre of the incredible town of Dubai, where you will find an unparalleled personalised service as well as a high end, refined accommodations.

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